Monthly Archives: July 2013

Making some more delicious brownies!

Same as Making Scat Brownies I, but in this second batch, Scat Goddess has a much larger, creamier load of her Goddess scat! Plus, instead of using water in the mix, the Goddess uses her golden nectar!She mixes her scat and mix all up with her fingers.mmmm This video is the perfect companion to Making Scat Brownies I. Be sure to get them both!

Click here to download the shitting clip!

She messes up her panties

Scat Goddess lays on her side and fills up white cotton panty with a messy runny poop. Goddess pulls down her panty to show her big load and scat running down her legs…so hot. She plays with her sexy pussy making an even bigger wet mess! Then when shes done getting off she shows the mess she has made all over her floor as well as all over herself.

Click here to download the shitting clip!