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Shitting, chewing, swallowing

Today’s breakfast for my slave comes directly from the source – my ass. He’ll be my living toilet today and swallow all of my scat – and I’ve a huge load for him today! Afterwards I spit into his toilet mouth so he can swallow it a little bit better. He has to chew and swallow all of it. And in the end my ass gets a tongue-cleaning as well.

Toilet view and toilet talk

This is the real view from the human toilet eyes. After dinner a awesome girl needs to take a shit. She go to the human toilet and ask him to open wide his mouth in order to shit into. It is indeed a big and long shit. After that she explain to the rest of the girls her feelings shitting in a man’s mouth and all the girls says about to use a human toilet every day. The next morning another girl uses the human toilet to take a shit too.

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