Toilet view and toilet talk

This is the real view from the human toilet eyes. After dinner a awesome girl needs to take a shit. She go to the human toilet and ask him to open wide his mouth in order to shit into. It is indeed a big and long shit. After that she explain to the rest of the girls her feelings shitting in a man’s mouth and all the girls says about to use a human toilet every day. The next morning another girl uses the human toilet to take a shit too.

Hot Girls Shitting

Kimi Cat shits a pig susage in slaves mouth while Domi cat is filming. Domi Cat comants this from behind the cam and orders Kimi to shit more and more, then they change and Domi Cat empty her yummy ass in slaves mouth. Domi Cat is a cruel cat, she push all the shit deep into slaves throat to help him to swollow! Very dirty talk, but in german!

Making some more delicious brownies!

Same as Making Scat Brownies I, but in this second batch, Scat Goddess has a much larger, creamier load of her Goddess scat! Plus, instead of using water in the mix, the Goddess uses her golden nectar!She mixes her scat and mix all up with her fingers.mmmm This video is the perfect companion to Making Scat Brownies I. Be sure to get them both!